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Off-market Listing Services, LLC. (OLS) is revolutionizing the way commercial real estate professionals transact by accessing deal flow and assuring access to both properties and industry data. In 2018, OLS embarked on a journey to expand and consolidate the off-market real estate industry: to create a single-source network for hub for stakeholders to access, evaluate, underwrite and acquire residential and commercial property. Today,  the OLS network enables buyers, sellers, agents and brokers each month to explore over $millions of dollars in property nationwide. OLS created a consolidated off-marketplace with enhanced promotion, underwriting , and deal flow.

Sydication Nation

Welcome to the  Real Estate Syndication Nation show. It doesn’t matter whether you are a brand new investors or have many years  as a real estate investor, you want  to be a part of the Syndication Nation. Dr. Sakira sits down with the experts, mover and shakers in syndication to bring you the tools, tricks and tips you need to be successful as a real estate syndicator. In the Real Estate Syndication nation, we want to help you be the best you can be at syndicating real estate. 

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